“Lies of Omission” Pre-Release Screening May 20th

Patriot Alert:
“Lies of Omission”
Pre-Release Screening – May 20th

by George Gramlich
Locally, we have a great opportunity coming up on Saturday, May 20th, to attend a pre-release screening of one of the most important American liberty/freedom movement films to be released this year, “Lies of Omission”, produced by fellow Coloradan T.L. Davis and his patriot film company, “12 Round Productions”.

T.L. is a life-long patriot and is the author of the influential blogsite, christianmerc.blogspot,com. (T.L. also attended Westcliffe’s July 4th/2nd Amendment March last year.) T.L. decided a few years ago that a documentary on some of the leaders of the patriot/III% movement was needed to show others in our country how these particular people, coming from completely different backgrounds, decided to dedicate their lives to our Constitution and exposing the left for what it is: tyranny and oppression.

For the last two years, “12 Round Productions” has been traveling around the United States doing in-depth interviews with these patriot leaders. They have taken the highlights of these interviews and produced an inspiring documentary film.

The patriots interviewed for this film are: III% movement founder, the late Mike Vanderboegh, who in the last few years visited Westcliffe for our 2nd Amendment/July 4th March and also Cañon City for its Patriots Day event); Claire Wolfe, noted author; Matt Bracken, former SEAL and author of the popular “Enemies” trilogy; Larry Pratt, a 2nd Amendment defender and director of Gun Owners of America; and David Codrea, noted 2nd Amendment author, and co-breaker (along with Mike Vanderboegh) of the ATF’s infamous Fast and Furious scandal.

T.L. approached the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel a few weeks ago looking for a venue where he can do a pre-release screening of the film looking for feedback from the audience before its final release. The Sentinel asked Ed Whitcraft of the Royal Gorge Tea Party to see if they could host the event and they agreed to sponsor the viewing.
The free viewing will be held at the Mountain View Core Knowledge School, 890 Field Avenue, Cañon City on Saturday,
May 20th at 2 p.m.
T.L. will give a brief introduction before the viewing and the audience will be solicited for comments, criticisms, and suggestions after the screening.

Don’t miss it folks. It’s time to Take Back America.