BOCC: A Summer of Discontent Is Coming

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

-May 10, 2017


by Jackie Bubis

The meeting started at 1 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Commissioner Items:

Commissioner Printz had four items he wanted to cover.  The first was an update on the Wetmore Community Center (WCC).  There was a mistake with a stainless-steel table that is the wrong size and Mr. Printz was adamant that contractor Whitlock fix the error.

He then announced that he had told Brenda Gaide to go ahead and post the meeting for Wednesday, May 17th as being held at the new WCC since the plumbing issues were taken care of.  Commissioner Kattnig took exception with Commissioner Printz not consulting the board before making the change in venue.  An argument ensued between Mr. Kattnig and Mr. Printz leaving the audience wide-eyed. 

Mr. Printz argued that it was announced that way last month and that it wasn’t a change.  Mr. Kattnig questioned how they could have the meeting there and then not open the building to the public for another month.  The back and forth ended with the decision that the meeting would go on as planned at the WCC.  When asked if the building would then be open to the public or closed again until the BOCC has its open house, Commissioner Hood said the library wasn’t ready because the books are being cleaned as they are placed on the shelves.  The official opening is “to be determined.”

Commissioner Printz then moved on, saying that he’d been contacted by Dark Skies about scheduling another workshop – this one in the evening – where the public can see a proposed resolution and add their input.  Commissioner Kattnig became even more agitated at this suggestion stating, “That’s not the way it is”.   He then talked on about the Planning and Zoning Commission and was quite confused about the proposal that Mr. Printz was making.  Printz slowed down and explained his proposal again but it was not clear that Kattnig understood even then.   At one point Kattnig said he’d been approached by Planning and Zoning people who feel that some of the Commissioners are going around them.  When pushed for details, Kattnig said to Printz, “Your building code that you’re working on.  They felt that you should have at least visited with them about it or let them know what was going on.  They feel like it’s your baby that you’re carrying forth.”

During this extended exchange, the anger escalated, leaving the audience looking around in embarrassment. When asked what else he had, Printz said, “I’m done,” leaving the rest of his items undone.

Commissioner Hood reported that the Tourism Board is processing the proposals received for work on the website.  She is getting bids for cleaning and lawn service.  (Dave Post is no longer working for the County.)

The Board voted to enter into agreement for the VaxCare system at County Health.  They passed the weed control agreement with Fremont County.  And signed an agreement for COCO (Collaboratives and Coalitions) to enter Road and Bridge property to clean up debris along the creek.

Cindy Howard reported that the public comment time is closed for the use of PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) funds for fire mitigation, fuels reduction and some payment to Search and Rescue (SAR) for missions.  The Board approved disbursal of the funds.

The CDPHE 319 Grant application was approved for remaining clean-up from the 2012 fire.

Mrs. Hood then presented the resolution (Resolution No. 17-10); creating two new independent contractor positions for the “extension” department.  She also presented the two contracts for Beverly Goertz ( Independent Contractor Agreement 1 ) and Sarah Shields ( Independent Contractor Agreement 2 )to sign.  When asked if the positions were going to be advertised or put out to bid, as is Mrs. Hood’s normal rule, the Board responded that they were not.  Per Attorney Smith, regarding whether it is required that such temporary contract work be advertised as part of the process, stated, “There is nothing in the Colorado statutes that imposes such a requirement, nor does the Custer County Personnel Policy impose such a requirement.”

When asked by a citizen if the hourly rate for these two positions would cost the County more than when Robin Young was here, he was assured that this arrangement could be accomplished within the established budget for that office.

Mrs. Hood also stated that there has been no response from Ms. Glowacki, Director, 4-H Youth Development regarding the Goertz position and whether this arrangement would get the 4-H suspension lifted.

Resolution 17-09 closing County Road 386 was edited to include closure to hikers and horseback riders.

A draft resolution for the installation of cattle guards for Dr. Hamilton was presented and will be discussed at a future meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

(Editor/GG: The “County Agent” independent contractor that the BOCC wants to hire will be paid $20 per hour. For a 40-hour week, that’s $800. For 52 weeks that’s $41,600! Plus expenses (e.g., mileage, training, etc.). More than what we have been paying CSU Extension for a “REAL” County Extension Agent. Plus, this person is not even an Extension Agent and cannot represent themselves as such and cannot use the resources of CSU. No, this isn’t some sick joke, this is the result of very, very poor decision making by the entire “Dream Team” BOCC. If you think CSU Extension wants to put a new County Extension Agent in Custer County after the last one was railroaded out-of-town by this BOCC, I’ve got a bridge in NY you can buy. Our new “County Agent” could be here for a long, expensive time. Expensive not only for us taxpayers, but our 4-H kids also.)