Republican Dinner Void of Recently-Elected Republican-Ticket Officials

Republican” Commish Kattnig Skips Republican Dinner, Then Attends Democrat Dinner!!!
Other Two “Republican” Commissioners ,
Also No Shows

by George Gramlich,
News and Commentary

“…as we march towards being Boulder South…”

My, my, my. I can hear then Commissioner candidate Bob Kattnig stating unequivocally, about two and a half years ago, in the Sentinel’s office, to my face, that he was a “conservative Republican”. He then listed the usual conservative talking points that he adhered to politically. Sounded good to me. Although his family were life-long democrats, and he was a long term, tenured professor at an Arizona university (warning signs, maybe?), he insisted he believed in limited government and traditional conservative American values.
“Honesty” was one of his big themes. Yes, honesty. A “man of his word” or a similar phrase was used often. “I will treat people fairly” was another. Hmmmm.

And now we have this: Registered Republican Commissioner Bob Kattnig skips the most important Republican event of the year, the Lincoln Day Dinner, sponsored by the Republican Central Committee (where two Custer County School homeschooled students received awards for an essay contest), and ATTENDS AND SPEAKS AT THE DEMOCRAT DINNER a few days later. Guess who also skipped the Lincoln Day Dinner? Our two newly elected RINO Commissioners, Jay Printz and Donna Hood. Too busy watching CNN maybe. How nice. How loyal. Children and loyalty only matter when it is politically expedient.
Little did we know.

Fast forward two and half years, fellow Custer County citizens. Yes, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. What we have here in Kattnig is a person who intentionally deceived the citizens who signed his primary petition to get him on the ballot; who intentionally deceived the Republican Central Committee (RCC), and intentionally deceived the citizens of Custer County who voted for “Mr. Honesty” because he was a “Republican”.
After Kattnig got elected two years ago, you could visibly see the constant friction between then Republican Commissioners Attebury and Shy versus Kattnig at the Commissioner meetings. It was obvious they disagreed on a whole variety of topics. Attebury and Shy were (and are) good, solid, traditional, rural, conservative Republicans. And allegedly so was “Republican Bob”. So, why the friction?
We now know. As soon as our two new RINO Commissioners were sworn in, the cat was out of the bag for all three.
Commissioners Printz and Hood, traveled a similar route, pretending to be traditional “Republicans”, duping the Republican Central Committee members to launch their campaigns, and avoided stating their main political agenda of bigger government, more fees/revenue/taxes, and more rules, rules, rules.
This includes Printz’s proposed Custer County building code that will decimate the poor, the middle class and the people who want, as an American right, to build their own home, garage or shed; the government sponsored wifi/internet access that is totally unneeded and will be obsolete in a few years; their intention to regulate “Dark Skies”- telling us we can’t light our doors, driveways, corals, or barns the way WE want (this has worked out just fine through education and volunteerism WITHOUT laws outside the towns); vindictive attacks against people who have crossed them (the CSU Extension/Robin Young assassination for one, that they still lie about) and the complete abandonment of the Republican base that voted for them. (Note: BEFORE the election, all three were constant attendees at the Republic Central Committee. Hood was even an official. We’re “just like you folks”, say the three RINOS. Everybody is happy. They show deference, respect to the Committee. We will be loyal Republicans. We’re honest people. Yea.)
After the election, when they don’t need the Committee anymore, Committee members have informed me that NONE OF THEM HAVE COME TO EVEN ONE MEETING. The Committee wrote them a letter two months or so ago with a list of complaints and a requested a substantive answer. The three RINO’s (and calling them RINO’s is being kind) send a two-sentence answer basically saying go take a hike we don’t need you now. And now they refused to attend the premier Republican affair of the year, the Lincoln Day Dinner.
“Republican” Printz says on Facebook, something like “I don’t think I would be welcome there”, (ol’ “man to man” Jay again) and true to course, His Largess Himself, Bob Katnig, can’t seem to make the Republican Dinner, but has time to attend the annual DEMOCRAT DINNER a few days later and gives a speech to his Dem homies on how great he is. To Bob, repeat after me: honesty, integrity, and loyalty. And East Coast Hood? Maybe she was too busy shopping for neon western wear to attend the dinner. Who knows. They live in different worlds then we do.
Does the word “arrogant” come to mind, fellow

“They live in a different world than we do.”

The point is folks, that these three Commissioners used deception and dishonesty to get elected, and are NOT representing what the Republican majority (and a vast number of Independents) in this county want: limited government, fair play, compassion for your fellow citizens, freedom and liberty.
Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, this is not the kind of people you want representing you.

“They are pushing a classic, extreme left-wing agenda with big government, more spending, more laws, more control, more fees/revenues/taxes, and more rules, rules, rules, rules; often in a very secretive manner…”

They are pushing a classic, extreme left-wing agenda with big government, more spending, more laws, more control, more fees/revenues/taxes, and more rules, rules, rules, rules; often in a very secretive manner (just a few examples being: look at the simply astounding number of “Executive Sessions” of questionable legality they have been having at the BOCC meetings, and the secret meetings Printz was having; re: the building code issue. Even Brother Kattnig commented on that in a BOCC meeting.)
The three RINO’s have only been in charge for six months, causing immense damage to our county. One person has lost their job and was forced to move out of the county with her husband and child, onerous rules and regulations are about to be forced down our rural throats, and they want to fee/license and tax us to death. (The leftists are, of course, thrilled as we march towards being Boulder South.)
The natives and the vast majority of people who have moved here want what WAS here: a friendly, rural, easy going, traditionally western place where we can do what we want without big government dictating every aspect of our lives and we treat our neighbors and the people who work for us with dignity and compassion, NOT as ignorant peasants to be ruled by an all knowing and caring elite. Our old way of life is RAPIDLY disappearing as these three “Cloud People” Commissioners implement their left-wing agenda. We will be Boulder South soon. If that’s what you want, folks, stay at home and let it happen. If not, you better start making some noise.
Time for a change.