BOCC Meeting June 21, 2017

June 21st BOCC Meeting

-June 21, 2017
WETMORE, Colorado
by Jackie Bubis, Reporter

The meeting started at 9:00 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
The Commissioners thanked Alden Grey and Nan and Courtney Davenport for all their hard work on the Wetmore Community Center.
Commissioner Items:
Commissioner Hood reported that the tourism board has selected a vendor to remodel their website. She met with Jeffery Wood and three CSU architect students with regards to the DOLA grant. She took part in the Public Health Department’s mock outbreak exercise. She has appointed a communication committee made up of Cindy Howard, Shannon Byerly, Dawna Hobby, herself, and Chuck Ippolito. They will be looking at the county phone system which she calls a “dinosaur”, will be getting rid of some phone lines and, in the end, hopefully saving some money. She also attended a tourism board/economic development/Dark Skies meeting and learned of various grants available for agri-tourism.

Commissioner Printz met with the Early Childhood Development Counsel. He also is working with the Planning and Zoning Office, the Sheriff and Under Sheriff on what he calls “unsafe” conditions in a home in the county. He reported on the fuel dispenser at the airport, which is in but continues to have some electrical issues.
Commissioner Kattnig stated that he attended the Democrat Party Dinner as Chairman of the BOCC, not as a Democrat or Republican, to give an update. He met with Senator Cory Gardner regarding the Junkins fire who seemed very supportive to get the county funds for monitoring equipment for runoff. He commended Kevin Day and Larry Haines for their extra work during recent runoff issues. He also stated that he is hearing very divisive rhetoric from both Democrats and Republicans and hopes we can all put aside our differences. Mr. Kattnig also reported on a DOT regional planning meeting he attended saying that no one there knows what anyone else is doing.
Attorney Items
County Attorney Smith reported on the upcoming public meeting to discuss a light pollution resolution/ordinance (Dark Skies) schedule for June 22nd. He outlined the process that a resolution/ordinance would have to take before becoming law. The BOCC would refer it to the Planning Commission who would have public hearings. They would make a recommendation back to the BOCC who would have further public meetings before voting on the matter.
New/Old Business
The building code proposal by Mr. Printz will be discussed in a “Planning Committee” meeting on June 26th at 7 p.m. in the courtroom. He states that he is an advocate of a building code but that it will be a community decision.
Mrs. Hood said she spoke with the people with the Underfunded Courthouse grant, asking if the Board could use the $145K planning money for a justice center instead of upgrading the courthouse. He is taking the question to his board and will report back to her.
The Board approved a pre-grant application for the Court Security Grant that will continue to fund the full-time court security position (Mike Halpin’s position). Mrs. Hood wants clarification on what the grant covers in terms of that position and hours, etc.
An estimate was finally received for the courtroom door from JDH Construction for $3,470. It was approved and will be taken out of the capital improvements fund.
Next on the agenda was a meeting with Mike Halpin, his attorney, and Dr. Hamilton’s property manager (Marvin Boyd) to discuss the cattle guards on CR 390 requested by Dr. Hamilton. The major sticking point between the parties at this point is the fence that Hamilton will take down, leaving the road open to the cattle. Halpin has maintained a portion of CR 390 for over 20 years and remarked that the cattle on the road are very destructive. The Board agreed that it is a county road and that it is the County’s responsibility to maintain the entire road.
Mr. Halpin’s attorney pointed out the precedent that will be set by this decision of the Board if it allows Hamilton to put in the cattle guards and take down the fencing. The precedent would mean that wealthy ranchers with property on either side of a county road could put in cattle guards and take down the fences. (Note: This would be both a health and safety issue and a financial issue as it would increase the cost of maintenance to county roads.) The meeting went on for fifty minutes and will be addressed again in Executive Session in an early July meeting.
Chip Taylor, Director of Colorado Counties, Inc presented their annual report to the Board.
Mr. Kattnig stated how sorry he was that he was unable to attend the CCI Conference that the other two Board members attended due a to death in the family. (Note: The County spent $700 for each of the commissioners to attend this conference.)
Atencio Engineering was present for a discussion of the Hermit bridge project. The decision on designating a firm for that project was tabled until the June 30th meeting. Mr. Kattnig asked for references from the firm and the engineer stated that she had provided those with the bid.
The Custer County Economic Development Corporation – represented by Wilson Jarvis – requested a letter of support for a grant with Colorado Small Business Development (no matching funds) that would possibly provide a satellite office in the county. Currently, when the CSBD is working in the county, they are using the Chamber Office.
Cindy Howard updated the Board with OEM issues. She stated that on June 15th, the Junkins fire was declared “out” at 18,762 acres. She also stated the Hazard Mitigation Plan stakeholders listed consistent building codes as their number one issue. (Note: This plan’s stakeholders were mostly emergency services representatives and concerned with mitigating fire. The meetings were said to be poorly attended even by emergency services and even more poorly by citizens.)
Mrs. Hood suggested that SECOM be awarded the broadband contract with the county for the next year. This proposal was passed unanimously. Installation will start with the Sheriff’s Office where there is desperate need for higher bandwidth.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.