“If There Is Anything Eva Colgate Can Do To Stop This Nonsense … Yes, Eva, There is: SIGN THE RECALL PETITIONS

Eva (née Adams) Colgate, 88 years old, was so incensed by the actions of the County Commissioners over the last six months, she decided it was time to take action. Eva grew up in the valley and worked on her daddy’s dairy farm until she went to college. She moved back to the Valley after a career teaching Home
Economics. Even though she had to move to Cañon City due to health reasons a few years ago she is coming back as a certified Take Back Custer County Petition Circulator to gather signatures to throw the current deceitful Commissioners out of office. As a Custer County land owner, Eva says,“What they do effects me.”
God Bless, Eva. Go Get ’em.

Photo by George Gramlich

(Editor/GG: A phone call to The Editor on July 5th, re the proposed County criminal outdoor lighting ordinance by a native resident. Printed with permission from Eva Colgate.)
“George. This is Eva Colgate.
I just got my Sentinel. I read your article on the new Custer County change in outdoor light fixtures. It is a wonderful article.
I was Eva Adams. I grew up in Custer County on a dairy and I stumbled around with a coal oil lantern all my childhood doing chores for my daddy. My daddy worked with the REA to get electricity into Custer County.
It absolutely makes me furious that these do-gooders and these silly people want to take our lights away.
Just leave us alone.
If you want darkness go into the mountains.
Let us please have our lights so we can function and do our chores. One farmer says his barn light saved his life a few times.
If there is anything Eva Colgate can do to stop this nonsense, please, please, let me know.”
(Editor/GG: Eva, and our whole beloved County: We made a mistake electing these three left-wing County Commissioners and we can right the wrong NOW. Sign the recall petition for each of these deceitfully elected Commissioners, Bob Kattnig, Jay Printz and Donna Hood and get rid of them. Send them back to the lying liberal swamp they came from and restore traditional, western and American values to our County government. TAKE BACK CUSTER COUNTY!)