Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

September 29, 2017
–Westcliffe, CO

by Jackie Bubis, Reporter

Just prior to the meeting, Clerk Kelley Camper, instructed Mrs. Hood and her husband to remove their “No Recall” pins. [Editor/GG: Did they violate Colorado Revised Statutes 1-13-714 which prohibits campaigning/electioneering in and within 100 feet of any building where polling is taking place (e.g., the courthouse). The out-of-country ballots had been mailed which starts the statute effective period. There were signs posted all over the courthouse stating that no campaigning/electioneering could take place. The Colorado Secretary of State has stated that campaign pins are electioneering.]
The meeting started at 9 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Public comments
Tim Stodola began by telling the Board members that he supports them. He went on to say that he had received an unsigned letter in the mail with no return address. He stated that it was “indicative of the backhanded tactics of some of these recall proponents.” He explained a bit about what was in the letter. Then Commissioner Hood asked him to read the letter in its entirety. This entire “public comment” took well over the maximum five minutes that Commissioner Kattnig allows. In truth the letter was odious and ridiculous. During the reading of this letter, Mrs. Hood appeared very pleased. (Editor/GG: Mr. Stodola, and the entire BOCC, seems to be ethically challenged here. A moral and ethical person does NOT read an anonymous political hit piece letter in a public forum. This could have come from anywhere and it had no corroboration. And Mrs. Hood asking him to read the whole unsubstantiated letter into the record is the height of political and ethical impropriety. Kattnig and Printz are equally to blame for allowing it even to be discussed. This is another violation of C.R.S. 1-13-714. Amateur hour, folks.)
When Mr. Stodola was finished, this reporter asked if the Board would allow all letters regarding the recall to be read during the public comments time. Mrs. Hood asked Kelley Camper, who said that from this point on – until the election, this sort of political speech was electioneering and would not be allowed.

Commissioner Printz then presented his political speech saying that the Sentinel and recall folks were spreading rumors that he was going to resign as a commissioner. (Editor/GG: We can only pray.) He called them lies, “They cannot find dirt on me so they have to put out new lies.” After apologizing to Kelley for breaking the law she just stated, he stressed that he would not stand for it and that there may be legal consequences if this lie continues to be perpetrated.” [Editor/GG: Mr. Lawyer Printz intentionally violates C.R.S. 1-13-714 and doesn’t care. I can’t seem to find anything the Sentinel wrote about Printz resigning. Wonder what he is talking about. And surprise, he continues to threaten to sue now MORE citizens of the county (we have lost count, and now threatens the Sentinel) over rumors and free speech. You wonder why we want to get rid of him as a Commissioner. What is wrong with this guy? A little paranoid and hyper-sensitive perhaps?]
At this point Mr. Kattnig took control and stated that no more political discussion would be allowed other than what happens in the course of the BOCC meetings.
Mr. Smith spoke up as the Vice President of Dark Skies to share an article about Idaho communities that were intent on being the first Dark Skies Reserves in the U.S. He referred to their “Dark Skies ordinances” – a term he chides others from using. When a member of the audience asked if this fell under “old business” (presumably because it was very possibly a continuation of political speech), Mr. Smith said yes it was – that the Dark Skies issue is currently with the Planning Commission for consideration.
Commissioner Items
Mrs. Hood listed a number of meetings she’d attended. She also reported that Sara Shields is phasing out of her interim position in the Extension Office and that CSU will be posting the position of extension agent for Custer County in the next two weeks. She also said that Beverly Goertz will be phasing out of her position in October (for which they hired Diana Cox Singer on August 2nd ).
The Board discussed who was going to the Action 22 meeting.
Mr. Printz reported meetings he attended and stated he is has multiple conversations with Planning and Zoning to nail down the technicalities regarding the case that was brought to the Board during the September 20th meeting. A formal decision was made at that time. It is unclear why Mr. Printz has decided to regard the issue further. Printz also reported meetings with the county health nurse, stating “she is wonderful.”
Mr. Kattnig reported on the visit the Board had with Congressman Scott Tipton. They toured fire and flood damage and spoke about phone issues in the area. Mr. Printz interjected that he asked Mr. Tipton about building codes and that the congressman was strongly in favor of them.
Attorney Items
There were no Attorney Items.
Next on the agenda was moving some of the November BOCC meetings due to the election.
The meetings scheduled for November 7th and 8th have been moved to November 1st and 2nd. The November 15th meeting was moved to November 22nd so that the election results could be certified (on the 16th.)
Undersheriff Chris Barr updated the Board on a DOLA grant he submitted for reimbursement of funds spent on marijuana busts in 2016. Mr. Printz asked about the hemp crop being grown across from the golf course on Copper Gulch Rd., wondering how we knew that it was actually hemp and not marijuana that was being grown there. Barr said there was no way we could know except that the owners were required to file extensive documentation with the Department of Agriculture.
The Board unanimously approved purchasing the county health insurance from CTSI (Colorado Technical Services, Inc.) The expected savings will be $50K next year.
The Board approved and signed vouchers.
The Board tabled the Senior Center Report.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 a.m.