LTE-Why the Recall?

by Pete LoPresti

But do they know best? NO, they don’t!
There is yet to be a commissioner’s proposal that county residents can rally around with enthusiasm and [in] majority support. Quite the opposite is happening. The commissioners are obviously aiming to install more government control because “THEY KNOW BEST!” It is a Progressive stance fostered by an elitist group with an ATTITUDE…and the Custer County Citizenry smells a movement it largely rejects. These three commissioners were elected under the Republican Party Banner. Yet, they espouse essentially Progressive principles and ideas. Clearly this constitutes a bait and switch. Thus the RECALL.
There are arguably good ideas like Dark Skies [that] the commissioners and some citizens may support; but, the idea is presented in an arrogant and negative manner that would impose more government intrusion, stringent regulations and penalties for noncompliance. It’s the elitist ATTITUDE that THEY KNOW BEST; and, if you do not agree with them you don’t count, and you’d better watch out.
The same holds true with the commissioners’ efforts to impose building codes leading to more government intrusion and expense. In spite of the obviously strong opposition from county residents the ATTITUDE of the commissioners is THEY KNOW BEST! No regard is paid to the idea that people want to live in our county not only because of its beauty, but because it is relatively free from government intrusion. It has been a happy and pleasant community, but that existence is under attack because of commissioners who think THEY KNOW BEST!
Morale and a cooperative attitude in Custer County have been damaged because of its current commissioners’ strident, elitist, and occasionally angry behavior. The friendliness and cooperative attitude is on the wane and a spirit of intimidation is working its way into the community fabric. The Robin Young episode is an example that speaks volumes. Even county employees are sensing the change in attitude with several finding it prudent to quit. Obviously, talking through differences is not the
commissioners’ approach to working things out. Why? Because, they are elitist clearly employing the ATTITUDE that THEY KNOW BEST!
Well, Custer County KNOWS BEST! That is why the current commissioners must be RECALLED!
Worthy candidates are available to replace the current commissioners. I have witnessed Kit Shy apply wisdom and a depth of knowledge that have benefitted our county on numerous occasions. I have worked professionally with Sandra Attebery and have been impressed with her intelligence and solution oriented approach to problems. While I do not know Bill Canda personally, I know him by reputation and his service to our country in a capacity that requires good management and leadership. These three candidates succeed because they know how to seek ideas, work with people, and implement sound solutions. Custer County deserves leadership that will work harmoniously to serve the best interests of its citizens!
I urge you to wisely consider the future of Custer County! Vote to RECALL the commissioners and vote to replace them with Kit Shy, Sandra Attebery, and Bill Canda!!!

Pete LoPresti, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Custer County