New County Commissioner Recall Victors Sworn Into Office









Bill Canda sworn in by County Clerk Kelley Camper

New Commissioner Tom Flowerand County Clerk Kelley Camper

by George Gramlich
After two intense campaigns – the initial effort to place the three Custer County Commissioners on the November ballot for a recall vote, and the second phase of campaigning by the potential successor candidates to replace the three Commissioners – the two new Commissioners, Tom Flower and Bill Canda, were sworn into office today by County Clerk, Kelley Camper. (The third Commissioner, Jay Printz, retained his office by a razor slim margin.)
The ceremony took place in the Custer County Court Room with a packed audience of recall supporters and interested citizens. Recalled Commissioner Bob Kattnig was present but the other recalled Commissioner, Donna Hood, was absent. Commissioner Printz opened the meeting with a short speech about working as a team going forward which was well received.
The Sentinel welcomes our two new Commissioners to the vibrant arena of Custer County politics, hopefully pointing towards a much more citizen aware new administration. God Bless America.