Wet Mountain Fire Announces New Training Officer

WMFPD Fire Fighter Lieutenant Jonathan Rafferty.


Press Release
Teri Munson, District Clerk, WMFPD
At their November Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the application of Fire Fighter Lieutenant Jonathan Rafferty.
Rafferty had been the Assistant Trainer to Captain Scott Virden, who previously held the position for the past three years.
“In the fire service, training is recognized as the most important part of any department, in that it hones the ability to respond efficiently and most importantly, safely,” said Chief Dave Tonsing. “We take it very seriously, because people’s lives depend on it,” he added.
The Board and Command Staff felt that Lt. Rafferty would be the logical choice because of his prior experience as Assistant Training Officer and because of his shown natural teaching skills during previous years Fire Safety Days for Custer County School in October. Lt. Rafferty will be assuming the position immediately.