December 6th BOCC: Staff Reports

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)
—December 6, 2017
by Jackie Bubis
The meeting started at 9 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Since yesterday’s meeting, there were no Commissioner, Attorney or Admin Assistant items.
Staff Reports
Dallas Anderson, from the Airport Advisory Board reported that the Capital Improvement Plan was finished and submitted to the Aeronautics Board. The Advisory Board will draft a letter to one of the hangar owners regarding the rules for parking. Anderson discussed the board appointments with the commissioners and how his board could stagger two-year positions on the executive board. He also asked about getting road base put on taxiway three as there are individuals that want to build hangars that will use that taxiway. The Board asked him to put together a plan and to get with Gary Hyde from Road & Bridge about getting that done. After discussion, the Board agreed to allow the Advisory Board to have the authority and flexibility to change fuel prices as they see fit (within certain parameters) to make sure the Silver West Airport is competitive. And finally, after receiving a letter from the company that put the fuel pump in – regarding the disputed billing – it was agreed that Attorney Smith will send a letter inviting them to meet with the Board to negotiate a settlement.
The Public Health Report was given by County Health Nurse Elisa Magnuson. She mentioned that her office is working on two grants to help purchase the fire truck that is being considered for the airport. She stated that there is a rise in flu in Colorado but not so much here. What her office is seeing is a rise in cases of pertussis. She reported that the VaxCare system that was installed in July has earned more than was budgeted for and that this extra money goes into the General Fund. There is an ongoing question of whether the County Health office will remain in the clinic building. Her office does not pay rent and has relied on the generosity of the clinic to be there. She is uncertain what will happen if Centura takes over the clinic.
The 2018 budget and attached resolutions were passed unanimously by the Board.
Laura Lockhart from Human Service briefed the new commissioners on what her office does and how her staff is paid. Eighty percent of their salaries are paid by the state and twenty percent by the County though they remain county employees. She brought several contracts for 2018 that needed to be signed – for legal and bookkeeping services – and also reported on the third grant cycle for the Children’s Health Fund. Money for this fund is donated and managed by the High Mountain Hay Fever Festival folks.
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by the Board.
Beth Cartwright came before the Board to inform them of ongoing issues with the Fair Board. One particular issue she raised was the $50 fee required to make a complaint and the $100 fee to dispute a Fair Board decision. She believes that the Fair Board is not operating in a fair way for the kids of Custer County. The Board requested that she put her report of these issues in writing for them to consider. She agreed.
Sean Beharry, the new director of the West Custer County Library brought his report along with library cards for the two new commissioners. He asked to renew board members whose terms were up: David Hepp, Rene Tobin and David Rabinowitz. In response to a question from the audience, there was a discussion of the relationship with the Wetmore Library and why that library is not part of the mill levy. Mr. Printz agreed that this topic needed further exploration.
The meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.