Dark Skies Brown-out

Dear Editor,
After attending a planning meeting on Dark Skies, on December 11 th, I have decided the whole issue is not about dark skies. The issue is about personal rights. Those who believe that they have unlimited rights to shine unlimited amounts of light in unlimited directions feel they are just exercising their property rights. This light may destroy the dark skies above or it may be directly sent in the way and direction of others. Those who believe in their unlimited rights do not recognize the rights of many others as being equal to theirs. They must believe that their rights somehow exceed those of many. They must believe that those who might exercise their property rights to enjoy the wonders of the sky above with their naked eyes or telescopes have rights that can be run over roughshod and disrespected.
This whole issue of dark skies is really just a misinterpretation of rights, property or otherwise. I have always believed that freedom for all implies that we all have equal rights. Any thoughts of one’s rights surpassing the rights of others is purely dictatorial or totalitarian and undemocratic. I respectfully ask those who would infringe on my rights on my property to give up their totalitarian ways and let me practice my freedom on my property unhindered. Why would you think you have greater rights than I? Your “freedom” should not diminish my rights, if we live in an egalitarian society.
William Brown,
Custer County Resident