BOCC: December 29, 2017

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

—December 29, 2017


by Jackie Bubis
The meeting started at 9 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Commissioners Printz and Canda were present via phone. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Minutes for November 30th, December 5, 6, 7, and 14th were approved unanimously.
Commissioner Items
Commissioner Canda had a great meeting with the Road & Bridge crew in Wetmore. He reported an enjoyable tour of the “world’s greatest grader.” He missed meeting with the folks from Wetmore at the Community Center but did get a tour. Regarding speeding issues on Kettle Lane, there will be one additional sign posted to let folks know that they’re approaching a speed limit change. He also attended the Airport Board meeting.
Commissioner Printz met with the Tourism Board. Jackie Bubis tendered her resignation from the Board. Regarding a letter from Miss Booth about dogs chasing wildlife and requesting a leash law in the county, Mr. Printz (and Mr. Flower) advised her to bring that request before the board but both told her they likely would not support it. A few remaining issues in the Wetmore Community Center will hopefully be ironed out soon.
Commissioner Flower listed a number of meetings he attended and
continues to work with CSU on candidates for the Extension Agent position. There are four candidates and they will be interviewed in a meeting on January 16th in Pueblo and January 17th in Westcliffe. These will be open to the public though the public will not get a chance to speak.
The lists of significant meetings and such, attended by the commissioners will now be added to the minutes of the last meeting of the month so that constituents can see what their elected officials have been working on.
Attorney Items
Mr. Smith asked about the letter sent to San Isabel Electric a few months ago regarding wires that were hanging in trees at the Wetmore Community Center. Mr. Printz reported that the issue had been rectified. He has also revised the IGA between the BOCC and the Wet Mountain Fire Protection District regarding housing a pumper out at the airport. The item will be on a January agenda. He also looked over the personnel policy that has been worked on by the committee to advise them on any legalities.
There were no Administrative Assistant Items
Old Business
The bids for legal notices from both the Wet Mountain Tribune and the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel were opened.
Wet Mountain Tribune’s bid: $.25/line for statutory notices and $.32/line for non-statutory notices. They will also print these notices in 6 point type.
Sangre de Cristo Sentinel’s bid: $.15/line for statutory (first run) and $.13 for subsequent runs and $.30/line for non-statutory notices. These will be printed in larger type but billed for 6 point type.
Mr. Printz asked Ms. Gaide to bring actual prior costs to the Board as well as costs if notices were run in both papers. (Editor/GG: Commissioner Printz, in January 2017, voted for the lowest bid (The Sentinel), and I think he commented something like it was a “no brainer”. What could have changed in one year? Last year, when the Tribune’s Mr. Hedburg wrote an angry reply to the Board regarding their unanimous approval of the Sentinel’s low bid, despite the greater circulation of the Tribune, County Attorney Smith sent Mr. Hedberg an exhaustive legal analysis stating that the low bidder should win in virtually all cases .)
After a few questions regarding vouchers – payment of $1,750 to Greg Smith on the Tourism Board for editing on the website and a $974 payment to AirGas for filling cylinders for Road & Bridge – the vouchers were approved.
Liquor licenses were approved for Alpine Lodge and for 3.2 beer at the Lodge at San Isabel.
$8,850 was transferred from the Capital Improvement fund to the Airport Fuel fund to cover costs for the fuel pump. The Treasurer asked for $447.88 to be transferred from the General Fund to the PILT fund for interest payments. Also $125K was transferred from PILT to the General Fund. All these transfers were approved unanimously.
The Sheriff’s contract with Silver Cliff for 2018 was approved.
The annual Letter of Authorization for OEM was approved.
The Recycling Agreement with UAACOG for 2018 was approved.
The fire mitigation letter approved previously (waiting for new letterhead) was signed.
Public Comment – Dallas Anderson commented on the idea of a county-wide leash law.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.