Colorado and Marijuana; Open Letter to FoxNews Five

FoxNews “The Five” panel;
You guys disseminated so much inaccurate information January 4, 2018, that someone should apologize to your viewing audience. So, Dana hasn’t lived in Colorado for 23 years and still offers statistical information that is 100% wrong. The vote to legalize marijuana wasn’t a landslide, it was very close…53.3% “yes” and 46.7% “no.” If she and Geraldo think that everything is going fine, maybe you should ask someone who lives in Colorado and who has some policing experience…me for example. I have lived and worked in Colorado since 1983. Things aren’t going fine; just ask any cop or deputy. As for Greg and Geraldo thinking that anything that is legal in a state and illegal in the country works OK, they are just wrong. You guys seem to think that the feds should stay out of what local voters decide, well take a look at recent history. Oklahoma passed a law that prohibited Sharia Law and the Obama led feds said “NO!” Several states voted to require ID when voting and again the feds interfered. To me the only honest panel member today was Jesse. He smoked MJ in college and now that he is a father, he would not like his children to follow in his footsteps.
So, the entire panel proved that they were cool New Yorkers. Well, from this former native New Yorker (1944 to 1978) , you guys aren’t cool just short sighted.
The Colorado state legislature had to make all kinds of promises to get this stupid idea passed. Nothing that they promised actually happened. Our governor has been cautioning other states’ governors to approach this topic carefully. Naturally, none will listen. Thus, proving Churchill correct one more time when he said that “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”
Joe Cascarelli
Rural Colorado
P.S. If the vote were held again today, I doubt that it would pass. JC