January 16th School Board Meeting: from Districts to an At-large Election?

Custer County C-1 School Board Meeting
—January 16, 2018
by Larry Luikart,
President Davis called the meeting to order leading the assembled group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Director Parkes was absent to attend to the needs of his spouse who was having a medical procedure.
There were no Public Comments requested at either session as listed in the Agenda.
The Consent Agenda included four items: The minutes from the Regular Board Meeting on December 12, 2017; Head Coach and Athletic Director Evaluation forms; a request for Leave of Absence by Carrie Smith. All requests were approved by the Board.
Scott Thomas made a presentation to the Board regarding proposed trips to Washington D.C. and Europe for the summer 2019. The Board requested further information. President Davis offered some concern regarding the wisdom of European travel in the current unstable climate. Mr. Thomas will provide more information.
NV5, (project managers for the school renovation project) provided information regarding the retention of an architect and general contractor for the project. They also discussed the need for a payment structure permitting the work on the renovation to
proceed at a good pace.
Business Manager Amy Perschbacher gave her monthly report regarding the school budget. One item of particular note is the new minimum wage law of $10.20 per hour in 2018, rising to $11.10 per hour in 2019 and topping out at $12 per hour in 2020.
These changes resulted in making budget increases for Substitute Teachers and Extracurricular Trip Driver rates. The requested budget changes were approved later in the meeting by the Board.
The following individuals have submitted their resignations from the District. Lynn May and Cheryl Pinnella retiring and Britney Trettin, relocating. Effective date for these personnel is the end of the school year. Edward Reinhardt, accepted a position with Custer County. His resignation was effective on January 16, 2018. Approved. Check Vouchers and Financial Reports were approved.
The following policies received approval after a final reading: EBBB, ECA/ECAB,
ECAF (slight revision) and GBEB. The following policies were heard for a first reading:
BCB, DAC, DJB, GBEA along with the policies pertaining to construction and remodeling projects. Payment procedures discussed by NV5 and bidding procedures were also approved.
The Board By-Laws and the Student Handbook regarding behavior were approved. A discussion took place regarding a proposed change to plan of representation. This change would modify the current election of board members from Districts to an at-large election. The new plan would permit election of Board Members from anywhere in Custer County without regard to a geographical district. President Davis pointed out this type of plan would permit election of board members from a very small area, (all members from Westcliffe, or Silver Cliff, or all members from Oak Creek Grade.) The Board is going to let the public decide at the ballot box.
Principal Jack Christensen and Assistant Principal Krissi Camper reported the NWEA testing is getting underway. Assistant Principal Camper indicated Family Literacy night is January 25, 2018.
Superintendent Payler indicated the Bond rating from Moody’s would be out the next day. (Moody’s Bond rating: A2 Und and Aa2 ENH). The construction work continues on the lower level of the Teacher Housing Project. It is progressing on schedule. A few wiring and heating issues have been discovered but they can be fixed.
There was no Executive Session needed at this meeting. The next scheduled Regular Board Meeting will be February 13, 2018, at 4:30 p.m. in the school library.