Another Dark Skies LTE

Dear Mr. Brown,
I don’t expect you to understand this but I will try. You state in your January 19th Letter to the Editor “it is against the law to litter, to cause fires and to set up firing ranges on our properties that might endanger others. Then you state in your piece ‘my rights on my property are unlimited and I can do what I want on my property.’” What you miss is that those activities don’t stay on my property. I can shoot all I want on my property, what I can’t do is let those projectiles leave my property. The same is true for the rest. I notice that you conveniently left off the whole livestock thing.
All of the above is moot if your contention that you don’t want any “law to compel you to do anything” is truthful. You don’t want to compel me and I don’t want to be compelled. We’re good.
Furthermore, If Dark Skies Vice-President Clint Smith is honest about his assertion that “our Dark Skies organization is now asking for nothing”, we don’t have to continue any of these discussions. Of course, the sentence didn’t end there but went on to state what they are asking for.
Disingenuous much?
And of course that’s where it will end. Dark Skies will never come back asking for some draconian statist regulation. Right!
If you and your ilk want to leave me alone, then leave me alone. But you don’t. Just be honest. Your objection to my lights is exactly the same as if you objected to pink houses and wanted some rule that would shield you from pink house pollution.
If you and Dark Skies don’t want anything, then let’s drop the whole thing and let the Planning Commission get on with serious business.
Dan Bubis
“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
― William Pitt the Younger