First Streamed BOCC Meeting

R&B gravel bid goes to A&S Construction, County Server Crashed, DA Not Interested in Grant Money?

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)
Westcliffe, CO
—January 24, 2018
by Jackie Bubis
The meeting started at 9 a.m with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Minutes for January 9th and 10th were approved unanimously.
Commissioner Items
Commissioner Printz met with the Tourism Board by phone. He attended the Sheriff’s Awards dinner and the Early Childhood Development meeting. He reported that there is an outlet that is not working in the Wetmore Community Center and he wants to hire an electrician to fix it. Commissioner Canda asked about the dollar limit that would require three bids on a job, wanting to make sure there is no nepotism with regards to commissioners hiring work done. Mr. Printz said he’d check with Dawna Hobby on this and then proceed. He also wants to get someone to replace or lower the mop sink.
Commissioner Flower reported that the work is about half done on cutting the door into the judge’s chambers. He updated the group on the hiring process for the extension agent. One of the candidates was selected and CSU is in the process of putting out the offer and moving forward from there. We should hear more within a few weeks. Mr. Printz stated that he was disappointed in the process taking place “outside the purview of the commissioners.” He asked to be included in the public meeting/interview by phone (he was out of town) and CSU rejected his request.
Mr. Flower continued by listing a noxious weeds workshop he attended as well as the Rotary luncheon.
The Board announced that the meeting was being streamed for the first time and welcomes troubleshooting feedback. Mr. Printz expressed his thanks to former commissioner Hood for getting the grant and to the IT department for their work on this project.
Mr. Canda reported that he spent a great deal of time and had a lot of fun “meeting with my bosses.” He heard a lot about the roads and has spent time talking with Road & Bridge. He also met with the county auditor to learn more about the budget process and attended the AOP (Annual Operating Plan) meeting at the fire house. He went to the Airport Advisory Board meeting, the Action 22 meeting and a Town of Silver Cliff planning meeting.
Mr. Flower discussed the need for a checklist for the new custodian/maintenance person.
Attorney Items
Attorney Smith reported giving some legal advice to one of the deputies regarding a traffic ticket he issued. Also interacted with a citizen that was having issues with the Planning and Zoning department and whose behavior bordered on threatening.
Administrative Assistant Items
The August 22nd BOCC meeting in San Isabel has been rescheduled to August 15th per the request of the San Isabel Lodge.
New Business:
Mountain Maids McKenzie Huffman, who formerly cleaned at the court house, has requested that the county trade her the two household vacuums for the commercial vacuum cleaner she bought specifically for the courthouse. The value of that possible trade is close to equal. The Board decided to leave it up to the new custodian based on his preference.
Undersheriff Chris Barr brought the DOLA Marijuana Impact Grant application to the Board. This grant helps rural counties with investigation and prosecution of illegal marijuana grows. The DA’s office was not interested in participating in the grant. So, the amount of the application was $1,268.65 to cover overtime hours and uniform replacement.
The Board opened bids for gravel crushing for the Road & Bridge department for 2018. Two firms, A&S Construction Company (aka Fremont Asphalt and Paving) and Colorado Crushing from Beulah, submitted bids. Based on the low bid, the contract was awarded to A&S Construction.
Clerk Kelley Camper asked the Board to approve a transfer of funds to cover her continuing book restoration. A portion of her fees go into this account to be used for this purpose. She also informed the Board that after the census and general election in 2020, there will have to be some adjustment in the voting precincts per state statute.
EMS Coordinator Beth Archuletta brought the RETAC Grant and ambulance inspection report to the Board for their information.
New IT Director Vernon Roth reported a catastrophic failure of the county server and asked for authorization to purchase a new server for $2,700.
The Board signed a letter of support for Search and Rescue’s grant application to replace a 1985 Isuzu with a new SUV. This is a 90/10 matching grant and SAR has the funds set aside for their match.
The Board also approved the Annual Operating Plan with the Forest Service for upkeep for several of their roads and campgrounds. The amount was $8,700.
The meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m.