Mr. Brown- You Have Completely Missed the Point

Dear Mr. Brown,

You have completely missed the point.  Yes, there are some reasons to have certain laws.  There are other things that can be done without a law governing it.  The majority of the people, if not all the people, in this county love our dark skies.   There is no way we are going to do anything to pollute our dark skies.  We need no law governing that fact and I think you understand that from what you say.  Our skies have been dark since the very first person stepped foot on this land to use it for any reason whatsoever.  The thing we don’t want is a law such as the proposed amendment would have been which would, perhaps inadvertently, have given us a law with penalties for something which we do already.  If you may have noticed, even new buildings respect our dark skies.  People tend to do what is already being done in the new place they live or work.  We are a people who really value less government as promised by our Constitution.  Please, try to understand this.  You will be less alarmed by us.  I truly believe that all IDA wants is something in an official document which shows to them our commitment to our dark skies.  If they can’t accept what is proposed, then, we will either have to fight against another proposed amendment, or give up on the idea of Dark-Sky certification.  Which would be a shame.  We have no building code.  However, contractors know how to build to code, they need no law code to do this.  The same will suffice with our Dark Sky commitment.


Linda Anderson

Rural Custer County