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Bobcat Gridders Close 2017 Season with Another Win

November 3, 2017

by CCSD staff
The 2017 football season came to a close last Saturday with the Bobcats defeating Simla 40-28. The victory would give the Bobcats sole possession of third place in the Southern League conference. The day started out with seniors Aaron Anderson, Jack Bowker, David Kinsey, Kobe Lewsader, and Dylan Schoch getting honored for their time in Bobcat Football. “It was a great senior class,” noted head coach Troy Bomgardner. “They all provided leadership for our underclassmen, they will be missed!”
The game started out with the Bobcats rolling down the field and scoring on a 30-yard strike from Chad Lewenkamp to Billy Berry. Lewenkamp would add the 2-point conversion and the Bobcats would lead 8-0. The Cubs would come back with a 10-play scoring drive and convert the 2-point play to make it 8-8. The Bobcats would put together another scoring drive with David Kinsey and Ray Perez carrying the load behind the strong blocking of Adam Sapp, Jake Morris, Jack Bowker, Billy Berry, and Dylan Schoch. Lewenkamp would cap the drive off with a beautifully executed screen pass to Kinsey for a 28-yard touchdown. “Our offense really began to come together the last two games,” exclaimed Bomgardner. “I never doubted that we could score at any time and that is a good feeling.” An errant snap on the 2-point play left the Bobcats ahead 14-6 early in the second quarter.
The Bobcat defense battled to stop Simla but would finally allow a score after a 10-play drive again. The 2 points made it 16-14. “It was like we were living Kiowa all over again,” said Bomgardner, referring to the see-saw overtime victory last week. Jumping into their no-huddle offense, the Cats quickly put another score on the board with Kinsey playing QB and scampering 28 yards into the end zone. Misfiring on the 2-point conversion left it 20-16 for the Bobcats at the half.
Coming out of the half, Simla received the kick and began to march down the field again. Dylan Schoch would make a great play on an interception only to fumble it back to the Cubs on the return. Simla would drive again and it would come down to a fourth and goal on the two-foot line. And the Bobcats made the stop! However, on the ensuing play and mishandled pitch would give the Cubs an easy score but the Cats would rise up to stop the 2-point play which made it 22-20. “What I really love about high school sports are these moments,” beamed Bomgardner. “The interception and then the fumble and the fourth down stop was huge and we were pumped and then our fumble and you could just see the air go out of us. But we rose up on the 2 point with Ray making a great play and then Aaron Anderson recovering the onside kick and I knew we had the fight in us. What a moment of teaching that when you get knocked down, you have two choices, stay down or fight back!”
Kinsey would add another score off of the no-huddle offense to move CCHS up 26-22. A break came that the Bobcats were looking for when Kinsey jarred the ball loose from the Cub QB and Perez bounced on it. It would only take two plays and Kinsey would have another 28-yard touchdown run. A Lewnkamp to Berry 2-point conversion would take the lead to 34-22. But Simla again rose up and drove down to convert a fourth down play to score. However, Schoch made a great play to stop the 2-point conversion to make it 34-28.
The Bobcats could not convert a crucial first down on the ensuing drive and Simla had a chance to tie the game but the Bobcat defense rose up and stopped them on a big fourth down play. “Our defensive backs played so much better this game,” said Bomgardner. “And it came down to two consecutive plays to defend the pass and we got the job done!”
Taking over on their own 45, Lewenkamp would master the clock on a time-consuming 7-play drive that ended with Perez battling his way for a 12-yard score. Failing the 2-point conversion left it 40-28 with under four minutes left. The Bobcat JV defense came in and held the Simla varsity for a few plays and then the varsity D was called back to finish the game.
“What a way for the seniors to wrap up their careers,” said Bomgardner. “I couldn’t have been prouder of how we played the last two games of the season. We didn’t really have a chance for any post season play, so we were just playing for the thrill of victory and doing our best. And our team worked hard in practice simply for the chance to play and bring home another Bobcat victory. It was a sweet ending!”
The victory moved the Cats to 4-5 on the season and secured sole possession of third place in the Southern League. The season ending banquet will take place on Sunday, November 19th.


LTE Reasons for the Recall

Reasons for the Recall – A time line of events

by Dan Bubis

This is a general overview of the reasons why so many citizens of Custer County signed the recall petitions and will vote YES to recall every County Commissioner in November. It is not exhaustive.
Keith Hood and the Boards – In the first meeting with Hood and Printz on the Board, the Board members brought their prepared lists to appoint the county boards. Traditionally, the boards stayed the same unless there were vacancies to fill. This board removed members and put on their allies and friends. One of those removals – Keith Hood from the Planning Commission brought pushback from the Planning Commission members.
1/31/17– This violated the rules of the Zoning Resolution and Kattnig was outraged that he had to follow the Zoning Resolution. Mr. Hood was reinstated. Continue reading LTE Reasons for the Recall

“If There Is Anything Eva Colgate Can Do To Stop This Nonsense … Yes, Eva, There is: SIGN THE RECALL PETITIONS

Eva (née Adams) Colgate, 88 years old, was so incensed by the actions of the County Commissioners over the last six months, she decided it was time to take action. Eva grew up in the valley and worked on her daddy’s dairy farm until she went to college. She moved back to the Valley after a career teaching Home
Economics. Even though she had to move to Cañon City due to health reasons a few years ago she is coming back as a certified Take Back Custer County Petition Circulator to gather signatures to throw the current deceitful Commissioners out of office. As a Custer County land owner, Eva says,“What they do effects me.”
God Bless, Eva. Go Get ’em.

Photo by George Gramlich

(Editor/GG: A phone call to The Editor on July 5th, re the proposed County criminal outdoor lighting ordinance by a native resident. Printed with permission from Eva Colgate.)
“George. This is Eva Colgate.
I just got my Sentinel. I read your article on the new Custer County change in outdoor light fixtures. It is a wonderful article.
I was Eva Adams. I grew up in Custer County on a dairy and I stumbled around with a coal oil lantern all my childhood doing chores for my daddy. My daddy worked with the REA to get electricity into Custer County.
It absolutely makes me furious that these do-gooders and these silly people want to take our lights away.
Just leave us alone.
If you want darkness go into the mountains.
Let us please have our lights so we can function and do our chores. One farmer says his barn light saved his life a few times.
If there is anything Eva Colgate can do to stop this nonsense, please, please, let me know.”
(Editor/GG: Eva, and our whole beloved County: We made a mistake electing these three left-wing County Commissioners and we can right the wrong NOW. Sign the recall petition for each of these deceitfully elected Commissioners, Bob Kattnig, Jay Printz and Donna Hood and get rid of them. Send them back to the lying liberal swamp they came from and restore traditional, western and American values to our County government. TAKE BACK CUSTER COUNTY!)


Republican Dinner Void of Recently-Elected Republican-Ticket Officials

Republican” Commish Kattnig Skips Republican Dinner, Then Attends Democrat Dinner!!!
Other Two “Republican” Commissioners ,
Also No Shows

by George Gramlich,
News and Commentary

“…as we march towards being Boulder South…”

My, my, my. I can hear then Commissioner candidate Bob Kattnig stating unequivocally, about two and a half years ago, in the Sentinel’s office, to my face, that he was a “conservative Republican”. He then listed the usual conservative talking points that he adhered to politically. Sounded good to me. Although his family were life-long democrats, and he was a long term, tenured professor at an Arizona university (warning signs, maybe?), he insisted he believed in limited government and traditional conservative American values.
“Honesty” was one of his big themes. Yes, honesty. A “man of his word” or a similar phrase was used often. “I will treat people fairly” was another. Hmmmm.

Continue reading Republican Dinner Void of Recently-Elected Republican-Ticket Officials