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LTE: Hiding Behind Antiquated Gun Laws?

To the Editor;
A  while back there was a letter to the editor from James Gearhart and I wanted to respond right away but got busy.
To me it seems like the ultimate chutzpah to equate oneself to Martin Luther. But I guess it’s easier on one’s conscience to see themselves as a reformer rather than an apostate.
Several weeks ago (10/27/2017 Sentinel) Mr. Gearhart’s Letter to the Editor was published. While I could shred the entire letter, space constraints won’t allow that. I would like to take particular exception to his statement “Hiding behind antiquated gun laws while mass murders happen on an almost daily basis is antithetical to everything Christ stood for.” Since I believe Mr. Gearhart is ignorant of facts, history and human nature, I’d like to help him see the errors of his views. Continue reading LTE: Hiding Behind Antiquated Gun Laws?