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The New Custer County: Change an Outdoor Light Fixture, Go To Jail

Commissioners Proposed “Dark Skies” Ordinance
Criminalizes Light

June 30, 2017 issue- Sangre de Cristo Sentinel

by George Gramlich,
News and Commentary

At a public meeting last week, the three Custer County Commissioners, Bob Kattnig, Jay Printz and Donna Hood, finally revealed their proposed “Dark Skies” or “light pollution” ordinance they have been talking about since the two new Commissioners (Printz and Hood) were sworn in this January. Note that there was barely a mention of it during the campaign last year.

The Commissioners’ proposal wants to amend the Custer County Zoning Regulation of 2016 to regulate outdoor lighting throughout the county (The Towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff have their own zoning laws.) They want to change the current non-enforceable, zoning law definition of “Light Pollution” to “Light Pollution defined as any adverse effect of the use of artificial outdoor lighting at night. See Section 8.2.G and Appendix D.3(p) for further information.”

The new Section 8.2.G reads like this:

“8.2.G: In order to minimize light pollution, all outdoor lighting shall be rated correlated color temperature of 3000 Kelvins or less, and any light source exceeding 500 initial lumens must be fully shielded. A “lumen” is measurement of the brightness of a particular light bulb or lamp. The following is a “lumens to watts” table:”

No need to print the whole table. The first line is all you need to know. It says a light source of 600 lumens is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent light (old school light bulb), a 10-watt florescent light and a 5 – 9 LED light. If my math is correct, any incandescent light bulb over 33.3 watts is subject to this ordinance.

8.2.G continues with “grandfathering” language:

“All outdoor lighting that now exists shall be “grandfathered in”: that is, such lighting shall not be subject to the restrictions set forth in this Zoning Resolution. All artificial outdoor lighting for new construction (residential, commercial and agricultural), shall be subject to said restrictions. Any condition or circumstance resulting in the replacement of a non-conforming light source that was “grandfathered in” shall require the installation of a conforming light source in its place. Any new or additional outdoor lighting installed on property that was otherwise “grandfathered in” shall also require the installation of a conforming light source.” The paragraph then goes on to say that you can’t close your open zoning permit unless your outdoor lighting meets these standards.

There were rumblings from the Commissioners over the last few months that this regulation would be voluntary with no penalties, but true to form for liberals, all behavior deemed to be against the “safety” of the state, shall be penalized, the Commissioners are proposing CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE.

The criminal penalties for the new LIGHT BULB violations are found in Section 30-28-124 of Colorado Revised Statutes (which is incorporated into our Zoning Law). The most important section of it is this:

“Any person, firm, or corporation violating any such regulation, provision, or amendment thereof, or any provision of this part 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof,  shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars, or by IMPRISONMENT IN THE COUNTY JAIL FOR NOT MORE THAN TEN DAYS, or by both such fine and imprisonment. EACH DAY DURING WHICH SUCH ILLEGAL ERECTION, CONSTRUCTION, RECONSTRUCTION, OR ALTERATION CONTINUES SHALL BE DEEMED A SEPARATE OFFENSE.”  (The caps are mine.)

So, if the Commissioners insist on this insanity, and your old back porch light fixture goes bad, and run down to Home Depot and pick up a $20 fixture to replace it, and, you put a 40-WATT BULB IN IT, you have just become a criminal in the eyes of our wonderful, compassionate, Commissioners. Folks, 40 Watts is a Lightening Bug level light. If it’s there ten days before the Special Commissioner Light Police SWAT Team show up (‘cause your wonderful new neighbors from Berkeley, CA, just moved next to you and ratted you out), you could go to jail for 100 days and also pay a $1,000. This is liberalism run amok. Total totalitarian insanity. What planet do these three come from?

Driving around Custer County at night and viewing satellite night images of Custer County doesn’t seem to show anything a rational human being would call “light pollution”. Some lights on people’s front and back doors, an occasional pole light between a house and a garage, and some barn and pole lights for ranchers. Here and there. You know, it’s actually kind of nice. The bottom line is, is that there is no “Light Pollution” in Custer County. Plus, with the awareness by people building new houses here concerning the County’s desire to be “Dark Skies” friendly, you will see volunteer compliance to any sensible suggestions.

Education is the answer, not criminalizing normal behavior. Make the public aware that this is a nice thing to do, and the vast majority of people who VOLUNTARILY do it. Commissioners, get over the liberal mindset that us peasants need to be punished if we don’t do what you want us to do. You are here to GOVERN, not RULE.

We need to finish this article with a bit of true, liberal comedy. In the handout, the three RULERS of Custer County gave out at the at the Soviet style show-and-tell meeting last week, they had a propaganda section on “Why Restricting Light Pollution Is Important”. Their prime source for the reasoning behind this fiasco is, believe or not, the extreme left-wing American Medical Association, Al Gore nutcase level “scientific” propaganda that (incandescent) lights above 33 watts (which is a flicker, folks) “affect the normal circadian physiology of humans and mammals…. disrupt sleep patterns, and have serious physical consequences such as increasing the risk of diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, and other health problems.”  Beam me up, Scotty, my circadian thingy has been illuminated by a light bulb.

Education is the key folks, not criminalize everyday behavior. Time for a change.

July 6th BOCC Meeting

Wetmore:”Running of the Bulls”,
Shipping Container Complaint

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

-July 6, 2017


by Jackie Bubis,

The meeting started at 9 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call.  Introductions of the public in attendance followed.

During public comments, one citizen asked about the statutes cited by the recall committee.  Attorney Smith stated that he was attorney for the Board and would not answer the question.  He also asked if the Board would consider putting the county in the air ambulance program formerly Eagle Med (Now React.)  The Board said they will consider it as a public item.

Commissioner Items

Commissioner Hood reported that Jeffrey Wood and the architecture students would be there later in the afternoon to finish their courthouse assessment.  She also requested that the Board have another evening meeting.  The meeting was set for Tuesday, July 25th at 7 p.m. in the Courtroom. [Now canceled]

Commissioner Kattnig reported a conversation with the brand inspector regarding Mr. Hamilton’s bulls (see article for July 5th meeting). The inspector said that his office will only check a brand if the stray is corralled and if the owner is unknown.

Attorney Items

Attorney Clint Smith spoke in code to the Board regarding a man who got a letter.  Mr. Smith met with the man and told him that he didn’t need to respond and that the man was pleased.

Old/New Business

Storage containers in the county – A citizen, calling himself a reclusive resident of the county and stating that he’d been a developer for many years in another state asked the Board to outlaw the large tractor-trailer type shipping containers in the county.  He called them atrocious eyesores. The Board responded by sending it to the Planning Commission for consideration.

Regarding the “Light Pollution”/Dark Skies changes to the Zoning Resolution:  Commissioner Printz stated that the Sentinel’s headline “Change a lightbulb, go to jail” was not a true statement. (Editor/GG: Another falsehood from Mr. Printz. I read the proposed ordinance and there are MULTIPLE ways to violate the ordinance by merely changing a lightbulb/LED in an outdoor fixture, which, if convicted, you will go to jail. See the information in the orginal story we wrote HERE.) Mr. Kattnig stated that the board members had no “stand” at this time.  The item was sent to the Planning Commission for their consideration.

Dallas Anderson gave the Airport Advisory Board report.  There was discussion about the newly installed fuel dispenser still not working.  Mr. Printz suggested that while he “hates to threaten people” he would call the owner of the company that did the work.  The Fly-in is still on the calendar for September 23rd.  The Board discussed the damage done to the hangar (several years ago).  Mr. Printz urged Anderson to nudge the person who did the damage to get the owner paid for the damage.  Mr. Kattnig mentioned that the former Board had decided to pay for the repairs last year.  Mr. Printz will contact the owner about getting the work done.

Gary Hyde and Roger Squire gave the Road & Bridge Report.  They discussed a complaint that Mrs. Hood got about Copper Gulch and Mr. Printz told the men that he’d gotten a message from a gentleman saying he’s never seen the road so good.   Mr. Kattnig told Hyde that the county will not be paying for weed control on private land this year.

Laura Lockhart gave the Human Services Report.

The meeting adjourned at 10:38 a.m.

LTE: You Got Elected Because YOU SAID You Were REPUBLICANS!

June 27, 2017

To the Editor;

The recent actions, attitude and behavior from our REPUBLICAN Commissioners raised serious questions regarding their real motivation, intent, integrity and honesty. You know, integrity is defined as doing the right thing when there is no one there to challenge your actions.

All three of the current Commissioners ran as Republicans. They attended Republican events, proclaimed Republican platform values, and indicated if elected they would emulate those values into their governing.

Dr. Kattnig was so bold as to admit he came from a Democratic family and he was the only one who became a staunch Republican. After all, he told us again and again during the campaign, “People, I am a professional and son of Custer County. I know what this county wants!

The people want low taxes, less government, more liberty and less intrusion from government. So do I.”

Donna Hood ran as the champion of the people. Someone who would in her benevolent heart said she would (she even said she would give her salary back to the County) reach those in need and make the county better. After all, as a business woman of great achievement here in the valley she had a plan. Her plan, if you recall, did involve the word “progressive”. You have to watch those words! They slip them in there just like another guy who said, “if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.” There was another gal who talked a lot about, “our values”. Nice sounding, soft, comforting but those values involved abortion, more government control, less liberty and a socialist America.

Jay Printz was a little more slippery in his campaign. He was one of those politicians and good lawyers who could talk all day and when he finished you had no idea where he really stood on anything. He claimed to be a Republican.

Somewhere between the election and the day these three were sworn into office, a polarizing shift in attitude, intent and behavior took place. Suddenly, the people who voted for them are the people they intend to control. The dynamic shift in attitude became immediately evident. Dr. Kattnig starts talking down to people in meetings. The incident where Robin Young was not being fired by the Commissioners but replaced at their insistence became public. (A really gutless way to go about a problem). A tape recorder placed on the Commissioners desk for years becomes an object of frustration and concern for these learned elected people. His Honorarium Printz declares, “we don’t want that here. Remove, it please.” At least he said “please.”

Since being elected, not one Commissioner has attended any Republican Central Committee meeting including the recent Lincoln Day Dinner. When asked about his absence, Mr. Printz replied, “I don’t think I would be welcome there.” Why would he make such a statement as a staunch, died in the wool, red county, conservative Republican?

Dr. Kattnig missed the Lincoln Day Dinner but found time to give a speech at the Democratic Party dinner. Are you curious why he would do that being a conservative Republican? This is a man who gave up the Democrat tradition against the wishes of his family. Maybe he has a reason as pure as the driven snow for his actions, maybe not.

Dark Skies is proposed for Custer County and Printz declares, “there’s been no decision on Dark Skies but it is inevitable. We are going to have it.” He didn’t say we may have it, or might have it but we are going to have it. If you think this is some silly little measure to keep the light from shining up instead of down, please get informed. This code has some real teeth. All those teeth are snarling right at you the property owner.

The International Building Code is being considered and once again Printz makes the case for a “compelling interest” to deprive us of our liberty. The Government has used the “compelling interest” argument many times to intrude on personal liberty. Most often liberty is deprived in the name of security or safety, exactly the argument Prince would use in forcing the IBC Code. (It sounds more like Karl Marx than Ronald Reagan.)

These three Republicans are proposing landfill fee increases, hikes in other fees and a tax levy for road improvement. Sounds like Democrats at the Golden Dome, not conservative Republicans in Custer County.

There’s an old colloquial expression I heard a lot as a boy from my mother, “your actions always speak louder than your words.”

The expression is truly appropriate regarding these three Commissioners. They are not acting as Republicans! They are acting as though once elected they were given a mandate to do whatever they pleased in regard to County Government.  It is obvious they do not know the limits of their Office. What is even more disturbing is their “we don’t care attitude” coupled with “were going to do it like it or not insensitivity” regarding the people who put them in office. Sooner, rather than later, the Commissioners are going to get themselves and ultimately Custer County into a Criminal Investigation or Civil Law suit. “We the people” are not required to bend to these Commissioners whims and belligerence. They were elected they can be removed! This is not the old Soviet Union. They are not the commissariat and the voter is not the peasant masses.

I’ve only lived in Custer County for ten years. Yet, I know the vast majority of people who vote here did not intend for this kind of Commissioner hegemony. It is no consolation to say, “well I didn’t vote for them.” The gratification from that statement lasts about as long as it took to say it. Instead, we should all be asking, “how do we fix this problem, other than waiting till the next election?” Asking for the Commissioner’s resignations would be a start although getting them to agree would be like asking a zebra to give up its stripes. However, doing nothing is no longer one of them. The old conservative “get along and go along” to keep peace died in Custer County about three minutes after these three decided to ruin the liberty we enjoy. If they won’t go quietly into the night of their liberalism then we should remove them through a County recall vote.

Larry Luikart
Rural Custer County.


Take Back Custer County Recall Committee Kick-off Meeting

Take Back Custer County
Recall Committee Kick-off Meeting

–July 6, 2017

by George Gramlich

The Take Back Custer County Recall Committee, chaired by Ann Barthrop, Ann Willson and Mike Haga, held their first general meeting last Thursday, July 6th, at Tony’s Pizza in the events room. Ms. Barthrop and Mrs. Willson hosted the meeting. Over 40 concerned citizens attended. The purpose of the meeting was to review the status of the campaign, outline the timeline for the recall and to train the attendees in the rules and etiquette of gathering recall petition signatures for each member of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

In addition, three potential replacement candidates to replace the current BOCC, running as a slate, were introduced at the end of the meeting.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer led by county resident, Bill Canda. Ms. Barthrop then proceeded to review how the recall petition process works and how once a successful recall is accomplished, the election process works. (If a recall petition is successful, an election occurs where, for each recalled Commissioner, a question is placed on the ballot asking essentially “Do you want to recall this Commissioner? If you check yes, then you may vote for a replacement candidate that is on the ballot. If the majority of people at the election, select “recall” then the current Commissioner is fired. The new Commissioners elected would take office immediately after the election results are certified (sometime in November.)

Ms. Barthrop pointed out that the Recall Committee has set up the recall timeline so the recall election would be on the normal November election ballot thereby eliminating any extra cost for the county.

The meeting then proceeded on how to gather signatures, what is a proper signature (what your voter registration signature is), legal address required (no PO Boxes), areas to be canvassed and etiquette.

An extensive question and answer period then ensued. Many thoughtful technicalities were addressed by Ms. Barthrop who had clearly done her homework with the help of Mr. Haga.

Finally, a slate of potential replacement candidates was introduced: Bill Canda, Kit Shy and Sandra Attebery. One for each Commissioner. The candidates each gave a brief speech with a common theme of restoring traditional American values to our county government including: rebuilding the trust between the BOCC and the county’s citizens; respecting all citizens; that there will be no hidden agendas; that they will govern (not rule) with honesty and integrity always; that they will be transparent and approachable; that they will at all times use due process; and will govern with compassion.

Just before the meeting was closed with a rousing prayer by Bill Canda, the attendees gave Ms. Barthrop and Ms. Wilson a tremendous standing ovation for their work in attempting to restore traditional American values, integrity, honesty and compassion to our county government.


BOCC on Proposed Building Code May 17, 2017

If There’s a Compelling Reason…You Can
Restrict or Take Away Someone’s Personal Rights”

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

-May 17, 2017


by Jackie Bubis

The meeting was held in the Wetmore Community Center despite the ongoing work.  The meeting started at 9 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.

Public comments: One citizen brought a report to the Commissioners of the perceptions out in the public.  While he personally had nothing against them, he did say that the community was in turmoil about the Board insisting that CSU fire Robin Young.  He also stated that there was a firestorm in the blue collar and construction arena about the decision to require insurance for the perc-test techs and suggested that the Board, especially Commissioner Kattnig, would suffer the repercussions at the ballot box.   Commissioner Printz told him that the insurance requirement would be addressed later in the meeting.  All three Commissioners continued their “we didn’t fire her” story and again stated that they didn’t insist on her removal.  Mr. Kattnig also, again stated that they had already talked to Young’s supervisors (a “fact” still in question) before driving to Ft. Collins.

Another citizen commented on the incredible nature of the Board’s claims that they could drive to the CCI conference together and not talk county business.  She told them there was another option aside from driving together or charging the county for mileage for all three of them:  she suggested that they could all drive up separately and pay for their own gas.  Mr. Kattnig jumped to the Board’s defense saying that the attorney had told them it was entirely legal for them to drive up together and that other county commissioners do it all the time.

Commissioner items:Commissioner Hood thanked the American Legion Post 170 for the Memorial Day program.On the topic of the Extension Office, she announced that both Beverly Goertz and Sara Shields had attended 4-H training and had accepted the interim positions.  The 4-H suspension has been lifted.  She will be posting the job opening for the permanent position of CSU 4-H Youth Development Coordinator next week.  The hiring committee will be made up of Commissioner Hood, Sara Shields, Beverly Goertz and HR Officer Dawna Hobby.  The Board stated that Shields is interested in the Extension Agent position.  Mr. Kattnig stated for the record that Shields would have to compete for the job just like anyone else, that she would not be given special consideration because she lives here.  Kattnig talked at great length about the Extension Agent hiring process that CSU will do.

Mrs. Hood went on to say that Darin Redmond would be doing the outside landscaping and working the weigh station and doing miscellaneous maintenance in the county buildings.  (This “hiring” was not advertised and it is unclear how it was done.)  Hood has interviewed three cleaning services for the inside of the building.  None has been selected yet.  She stressed that there has not been a thorough cleaning in the courthouse for six years.Regarding the high-speed internet for the County Building and Sheriff’s Office, Chuck Ippolito is still contacting the three entities (Hillside, CenturyLink, and SECOM).  A list of ten questions has been put together and whether the companies can attend a meeting in person or not, they will be required to answer the questions.

The Tourism board met yesterday to review RFP’s for the website.  Hood asked Attorney Smith if the tourism board could sell advertising on their website to raise revenue.  (Revenue for the Tourism board is limited at this time to the bed tax monies.)  Smith advised that the Tourism board could do that.Sheriff Byerly suggested that someone from the fair board or extension advisory board be included on the hiring committee for the 4-H coordinator.  He also expressed hopes that the evaluation process for the county be similar to the one he is using.

Mr. Printz has been on vacation.  He reported a slight issue with the installation of the fuel pump at the airport that has since been fixed.  He reported meetings with Jackie Hobby of the Planning and Zoning office and reported that there were some personnel issues that would require an executive session.

Silver Cliff Mayor Steve Lasswell has found possible funding for a community center in Westcliffe/Silver Cliff and Printz suggested that the he meet with both towns to further investigate the possibility.Mr. Kattnig apologized for missing the last meeting due to his wife’s surgery.  He reported on the Mountain Connect seminar.  He also met with CDOT and discussed several local traffic issues with them.  CDOT expressed a general unwillingness to take action on these issues so Kattnig will speak with Wilson and Crowder, our state representatives.Under Attorney items, the cattle guard request by Dr. Hamilton is ongoing.  He also met with Jackie Hobby, Vic Barnes and Jim Bradburn to put together a tentative Dark Skies plan to present to the public at a meeting tentatively set for June 22nd at the bowling alley.The board went into executive session so that Smith could give them information regarding security issues.The board resumed the public meeting and approved the vouchers for the month.After meetings he held privately, Mr. Printz brought a proposal to the Board to have Planning Commission explore putting in place a county building code like the towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff have.  He stated that every builder he talked to was in favor of a building code and that ever realtor he talked to said a building code would lead to higher resale values.  He presented a list of pros and cons that came from these private meetings.  He admitted that it meant more government interference and talked about the constitution insuring that people could “own land free and clear and do what they want.”  (It is unclear what provision in the constitution he referred to.)   He went on to say that you have to balance public safety over personal freedom.  “If there’s a compelling reason, not just a good reason, why we should do one versus the other, you can restrict or take away someone’s personal rights.”  Mrs. Hood expressed that she was in favor of a building code.  Mr. Kattnig was not completely on board but the Board approved the proposal going forward to the Planning Commission.The Board renewed the school nurse agreement.Mr. Printz addressed the issue of requiring insurance for the perk techs decided on in a previous meeting.  After Attorney Smith spoke with County Surveyor Kit Shy, the suggestion was made to rescind that requirement (which the Board did) and to have Smith write a resolution requiring all future septic systems be engineer designed.  That resolution will be on the agenda for the meeting on June 8th.  That requirement will add $800 to $1000 to the cost of a septic system in the county.Sheriff Byerly reported that one of the inmates at the jail had to be flown out on Flight for Life when the ambulance was on a call and no second crew could be raised.  Since the inmate is housed for Alamosa County, the costs will likely be paid by them.  But he raised the concern, both as Sheriff and as a citizen that the county passed a mill levy for the ambulance and where was the money going.  There is a continuing and frequent problem with getting an ambulance when the first ambulance is out on a call.Sheriff Byerly also discussed that there is no health service or mental health service at the jail and there is a need to explore options in the upcoming budget.

The board went into executive session again to deal with a personnel issue at the Sheriff’s Office.The executive session was followed by the quarterly staff meeting.The meeting was adjourned.

(Editor/GG: Regulation, by the libs and the RINO’s is one of main reasons the economy has tanked. We seem to have gotten by fine here for centuries without a draconian building code that will dramatically drive up cost not only for houses, but for additions, garages, barns, etc. Commissioner Printz, you can cherry pick people to find those that want it (like asking building contractors and real estate agents, I mean really, duh) but THE PEOPLE want less regulation, not more. This will dramatically hurt the poorer people in the county and especially the middle class. It will make it much harder for middle income people to move here (which might be one the reasons why this is being proposed). Plus, the current IBC code is a NIGHTMARE. It will virtually eliminate any regular person from building his own dream cabin or even a garage. And based on nightmares we have heard in Huerfano and Fremont Counties, the building inspector can be difficult to “work” with. In the extreme. I thought we elected “Republicans”? What we apparently have here is very well-off Commissioners who would not feel the impact of the cost of a building code, and that want to DICTATE how we run our lives. RINO’s come to mind but it might be a lot worse. Most of us don’t have the wealth that these Commissioners have. A couple of thousand bucks added to a simple garage project because of an onerous building code will KILL the project. $20k or $30k more added on to a new home would kill the dream for many middle-class people. But maybe not for our Commissioners.It seems all three Commissioners are out-of-touch with THE PEOPLE. Very similar to the RINO establishment and coastal lib elites at the national level. Commissioners Printz and Hood both are wealthy newcomers to the valley and seem hell bent on bringing coastal lib control, regulation and rule, to a place, in middle America, that DOESN’T WANT IT. “Control Freaks” comes to mind. And Commissioner Kattnig: I am surprised if you support this. You grew up here and understand individual liberty and freedom. Hopefully your long sojourn away hasn’t destroyed what you saw here in the old days: rugged, free, individualism and LIMITED government. And Commissioner Printz: Fully understand what “compelling” means before you apply that faulty test to our INDIVIDUAL, GOD GIVEN, LIBERTY to enjoy our lives free of government tyranny. The “Compelling” test is what liberals have used for the last 60 years to destroy our Constitutionally granted freedoms. You using this word is very troublesome as it is exactly the rationale that socialists have used since Lenin to enslave the people and rule over them like peasants. Yes, as Zman so fondly writes about, the Cloud People love to rule the Dirt People. And enjoy making the Dirt People’s lives more miserable because they know better, and “care”. How nice. How Alinsky.Most of us non-natives have moved to the Valley because we like the way it is. You folks want to turn this into Boulder. Next step it will be mandatory lawn maintenance and no plastic shopping bags. We know how this goes. This is a conservative county, Commissioners. We don’t want to be Boulder. Leave us alone! Any true “Republican” would be repelled by what you folks are proposing. Don’t bring liberal, control insanity here. Leave it back where you came from. Or better yet, move to Boulder to be with your homies. Live Free or Die, my brothers and sisters. We’ve lost our Freedom inch by inch over the last hundred years. We don’t need our own Commissioners adding another inch. The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! Might now be, The Commissioners Are Coming! The Commissioners Are Coming! Time for Tea Party, Dirt People.)


BOCC: A Summer of Discontent Is Coming

Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC)

-May 10, 2017


by Jackie Bubis

The meeting started at 1 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. Introductions of the public in attendance followed.
Commissioner Items:

Commissioner Printz had four items he wanted to cover.  The first was an update on the Wetmore Community Center (WCC).  There was a mistake with a stainless-steel table that is the wrong size and Mr. Printz was adamant that contractor Whitlock fix the error.

He then announced that he had told Brenda Gaide to go ahead and post the meeting for Wednesday, May 17th as being held at the new WCC since the plumbing issues were taken care of.  Commissioner Kattnig took exception with Commissioner Printz not consulting the board before making the change in venue.  An argument ensued between Mr. Kattnig and Mr. Printz leaving the audience wide-eyed.  Continue reading BOCC: A Summer of Discontent Is Coming