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“Lies of Omission” PreRelease Screening a Success

by George Gramlich

A  good crowd attended the pre-release screening of the new patriot movie, “Lies of Omission”, last Saturday at the  Mountain View Core Knowledge School in Cañon City on May 20, 2017.
The movie is in the “interview documentary” format with the film makers/producers, L.T. Davis of Colorado, and his daughter, Sammi Lee Davis of California interviewing some of the giants of the patriot movement including Mike Vanderboegh, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe and others about the political and moral status of the country and the efforts of those people and others, to bring back the country to its constitutional roots.

Associate Producer, Peter White, and Producer Sammi Davis.
Photo by George Gramlich

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“Lies of Omission” Pre-Release Screening May 20th

Patriot Alert:
“Lies of Omission”
Pre-Release Screening – May 20th

by George Gramlich
Locally, we have a great opportunity coming up on Saturday, May 20th, to attend a pre-release screening of one of the most important American liberty/freedom movement films to be released this year, “Lies of Omission”, produced by fellow Coloradan T.L. Davis and his patriot film company, “12 Round Productions”.

T.L. is a life-long patriot and is the author of the influential blogsite, christianmerc.blogspot,com. (T.L. also attended Westcliffe’s July 4th/2nd Amendment March last year.) T.L. decided a few years ago that a documentary on some of the leaders of the patriot/III% movement was needed to show others in our country how these particular people, coming from completely different backgrounds, decided to dedicate their lives to our Constitution and exposing the left for what it is: tyranny and oppression.

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