Commish: Grandiose Horn Tooting on THE BALLOT!

    • To the Editor;


    • Just spend a few minutes reading the sample ballot for the November election. The three commissioners who are up for RECALL had an opportunity to plead their case for why we should keep them in office. These statements give us a real insight into who these people are.


    • Bob Kattnig takes credit for all the hard work of VSO Tim Swartz, similar to him taking credit for FFA and 4H in the county. Then he goes on to explain that Road & Bridge needs more equipment. Okay, Bob. You’re awesome!


    • Jay Printz claims “We” ended the lawsuit which cost the county the infamous $150K (which is not the real figure but that’s just being picky). Mr. Printz – let me remind you that the lawsuit was pretty much wrapped up as of the December 15th 2016 meeting (that was BEFORE you took office) and was just a matter of the court catching up. You did nothing as county commissioner to end this lawsuit – it simply happened during your term. Before you took office, you did go with Hamilton to court – along with Bob Kattnig – supporting Hamilton in his quest. Maybe, if you’re not recalled, Hamilton can bring another lawsuit for something equally frivolous and you can authorize the county to just pay him – so as not to go to court, of course.

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